About me

Encaustic art by Aby Mason

Hi – I’m Aby and I am an encaustic artist based in coastal West Sussex. I use a blend of beeswax, resin and pigments to create a range of unusual and striking pieces. I specialise in waves and seascapes, having lived by the sea for much of my life. I also love creating unique photo-encaustic pieces, using original photography and immortalising it in wax.

I have been fascinated by encaustic art since I was a little girl, when I saw a lady at a craft fair working with wax and a hot iron. I adored the fantasy type images she was creating with jewel colours that shone! It wasn’t until many years later when I spied an encaustic iron in a charity shop window that my own journey with wax began. I now work mainly with a hot plate, brushes and heat gun to build layer upon layer of wax, creating images with real depth and texture.

I have always enjoyed creating things, whether sketching, painting, or model making. I studied in Manchester and have a degree in the History of Design & Fashion.

My work is displayed in homes in Canada, Italy and across the UK.