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The Inspiration of the Sea

All artists draw inspiration from the world around them….I am very lucky to live right by the coast in the South of England and take regular walks with my 2 dogs on the beach. Whilst many of these walks consist of me trying to stop Luna (brown dog) stealing picnickers sandwiches whilst Laika (black dog) looks on despairingly, I do occasionally get to stand still and drink in the beauty of where I am.

Laika and Luna, the Zencaustics dogs

The sea hits every single sense….the sound of the crashing of the waves, or on a peaceful day it’s the gentle lapping of the water; the sight of the ever changing colours, moving from blues to greens, greys and browns; the feel of the cold water through my wellies, or the warmth of the shallows on a summer’s evening; the unmistakable smell of the sea itself as well as seaweed, sand and sometimes suntan lotion; the taste of the salt in the air and on my lips.

The movement and texture of the sea is something that regularly inspires my work – I absolutely love a stormy sky and a churning ocean, with the white horses riding high and crashing down onto the pebbles, throwing up spray like powder snow.

A palette of the sea

I am currently working on a wave commission as a special gift – it is a source of pure joy to know that something that has inspired me has led to someone receiving a truly personal gift reflecting their own love of our oceans.

I have one diptych wave piece currently for sale (listed in the Gallery). Of course, I am always excited and delighted to undertake seascape commissions – just drop me a line via my Contact Me page to purchase or for any enquiries.

Wave II
Wave II – SOLD
Wave III – 2 individual framed panels creating one beautiful tumbling wave. Pale grey frame each 20cm square. Artwork size each 15cm square. £150 (the pair) + shipping